Content warning: The Board of Inquiry acknowledges that this report contains sensitive information and views about experiences and allegations of child sexual abuse that may be distressing to read, particularly for those individuals whose experiences are directly or indirectly referenced.

Please take care of yourself and read this report with consideration to your own wellbeing. If this content raises any issues or concerns for you, we recommend getting in touch with one of the support services on our Support and wellbeing page.

The Board of Inquiry delivered its report to the Governor on 26 February 2024 in accordance with its Terms of Reference. The report includes nine recommendations.

As explained in the report, while it does not make findings of fact the report serves as an official public record of victim-survivors’ and secondary victims’ experiences of child sexual abuse by employees at Beaumaris Primary School and certain other government schools between 1960 and 1999.

The Board of Inquiry is deeply grateful to every individual that chose to engage with it. We understand that for many victim-survivors it was the first time they disclosed the abuse they experienced, and we acknowledge the trust they placed in us. We do not underestimate the resolve and courage this took.

In line with our Terms of Reference, the report also examines the Department of Education’s response to historical child sexual abuse at the relevant time.

The report also explores appropriate ways to support healing for victim-survivors, secondary victims and affected communities, and assesses the effectiveness of support services for adult victim-survivors of child sexual abuse in government schools.

The full report can be downloaded as an accessible PDF or viewed directly on this website, via the links on this page.