Acknowledgements from the Chair

Acknowledgements from the Chair

The Chair of the Board of Inquiry would like to acknowledge and thank each and every member of the inquiry team who supported and contributed to the important work undertaken.

Led by CEO Nicola Farray, the whole team brought excellence, commitment and energy to the various aspects of the Board of Inquiry’s work.

The Policy, Research and Strategy team (led by Dahni Houseman), the Communications, Engagement and Supports team (led by Monique Blom) and the Operations and Executive Support team (led by Alanna Trembath and Charlotte Vincent) demonstrated every day the ability to work flexibly under tight timeframes and to repeatedly navigate challenges. Each person did so with kindness and a focus on collaboration and compassion. Thank you:

  • Monique Blom
  • Gemma Burnside
  • Grace Dobinson
  • Harry Holbrook
  • Claire Hopkins
  • Dahni Houseman
  • Nicola Farray
  • Emma Moffatt
  • Lily Newbold
  • Diane Newham
  • Patrick O’Brien
  • Ellie Sadrinajafi
  • Alanna Trembath
  • Charlotte Vincent.

Thank you to the team at Corrs Chambers Westgarth for their tireless dedication to supporting the Board of Inquiry as its Legal team and legal technology solutions provider. The Board of Inquiry appreciates the sensitivity, skills, expertise and professionalism they displayed. The Board of Inquiry particularly acknowledges the dedication of General Counsel, Jared Heath. The Board of Inquiry’s Legal team consisted of:

  • Betty Choi
  • Camryn Cooper
  • Natalie Cooper
  • Michael Dawson
  • Maureen Duffy
  • Laura Deschamps Ferrari
  • Kristy Eaton
  • Jesse Jin
  • Jacob Kairouz
  • Marin Kraljevic
  • Nicholas Laurie
  • David Le
  • Ren Jay Liew
  • Kavin Nenh
  • Louis Panozzo
  • Fiona Ryan
  • Emily Steiner
  • Alex Thompson.

Thank you to our highly skilled Counsel Assisting, Fiona Ryan SC, Kate Stowell and Mathew Kenneally. Counsel Assisting combined their formidable intellect with grace and sensitivity in supporting the Board of Inquiry to gather critical information through public hearings and private sessions.

Thank you to South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence (SECASA) for acting as the Board of Inquiry’s counselling service, and supporting victim-survivors and secondary victim-survivors with great care and commitment. The Counselling team played a pivotal role in the success of the Board of Inquiry’s participant care and support model. The Board of Inquiry’s Counselling team consisted of:

  • Michael Derby
  • Amanda Fillingham
  • Stephanie Gray
  • Fiona Link-Freeman
  • Charlene Micallef
  • Evan Sillence
  • Victoria Walls.

The Board of Inquiry also extends its deepest appreciation to the Commissioners, CEO and staff at the Yoorrook Justice Commission, a formal truth-telling process into historical and ongoing injustices experienced by First Peoples in Victoria. Thank you for allowing us to share your space for hearings and private sessions. Your willingness to open your doors to us facilitated a safe, enriching and meaningful experience for victim-survivors, secondary victims and our staff. Your kindness has left a lasting impression on our work.

Thank you to the contractors that assisted during the establishment phase of our work, including Story Matters Agency Pty Ltd and Article One Pty Ltd, as well as Comme Consulting, which assisted with media relations throughout the inquiry.

A number of providers supported our public hearings, including Law in Order Pty Ltd, St John Ambulance, Wilson Security and Sublime Catering. The Board of Inquiry also thanks Bayside City Council, Cardinia Shire Council and the City of Casey for assisting with community information and drop-in sessions.

Thank you to the contractors, individuals and organisations that assisted in the development and production of this report, including contributing writer Tilda Hum, WOO agency, Information Access Group, Finsbury Green and Doculink connective solutions.

The Board of Inquiry acknowledges the contributions of knowmore, which supported it to achieve a trauma-informed approach to its work through training, tools and resources, and ongoing wellbeing and reflection sessions for Board of Inquiry staff.

The Board of Inquiry also met with a number of Melbourne-based plaintiff law firms at the start of its operations to seek input on the work ahead based on their expertise. Many thanks to those who offered their insights.

The Board of Inquiry acknowledges the Department of Government Services and Department of Premier and Cabinet for their work supporting its establishment and operational functions. Thanks also go to the Department of Education for assisting the Board of Inquiry as the coordinating agency for the Victorian Government.